If you struggle with the relationship between education and transformation, if you are deeply concerned with social challenges, injustices, and building a better future for our children and grandchildren – this site is for you.  We have:

This site was started by several individuals who have worked with community organizations around the world. We have benefited immensely from the insights we’ve been afforded through that work. We continue to struggle, try, discover, and learn on a regular basis how we can better align our lives with community-driven, fair, just efforts to build a world that better recognizes each individual’s core human dignity.

Our particular vocation has been global service-learning, but we recognize the substantial connections between any individual’s interests in justice and resources shared through these pages. We have therefore deliberately built a platform that allows ongoing sharing, building, questioning, and collaboration from all visitors to this site. Our current resources include information on community development, global citizenship, human rights, fair trade, conscious consumption, sustainability, education, transformation, and reflection.

We look forward to the discussion and ongoing efforts to build a better world.