If you are deeply concerned with social challenges, injustices, and the role of universities and other educational institutions in promoting a more just and sustainable world - this site is for you.  We have:

  • A Global Service-Learning research wiki that pulls together peer-reviewed research, as well as books, chapters, dissertations, and reports relevant to university-community partnerships, pedagogy, and student and community outcomes
  • A tools and syllabi wiki that compiles resources relevant for program development, reflective exercises, community partnership, and course development featuring university-community partnerships
  • Web resources relevant to community-driven development, justice, human rights, and critically reflective experiential education
  • A blog, where we foster, invite, and share discussion relevant to university-community partnerships, community-driven development, fair trade learning, and global service-learning. We are eager to broaden the community of contributors. Please propose a guest blog post after reading our guidelines here.

This site was started by several individuals who have worked with community organizations around the world. We have benefited immensely from the insights we’ve been afforded through that work. We continue to struggle, try, discover, and learn on a regular basis how we can better align our lives with community-driven, fair, just efforts to build a world that better recognizes each individual’s core human dignity.

We have therefore deliberately built a platform that allows ongoing sharing, building, questioning, and collaboration from all visitors to this site. We look forward to the discussion and ongoing efforts to build a more just and sustainable world through careful and conscientious university-community partnerships.