4th ISL Summit: Scholarships for Community Members, Students, Individuals from the Global South

The Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University is pleased to announce that it will offer 30 registration fee scholarships for attendance at the 4th International Service-Learning Summit. The scholarships are offered through the Staley School’s commitments to inclusive leadership and the ethos captured at its August 2015 Leading Change Institute: Ethical Global Partnerships, Learning, and Service.

Scholarships are intended for community members, students, and individuals from the Global South who present with academics from the Global North. Preference for scholarships will be given to individuals who (a) are accepted to present conference sessions or case studies and (b) demonstrate financial need. The scholarship form should be filled out at the time of conference proposal.

For more on the magic that comes of inclusive dialogue on global partnerships, listen to guests from around the world reflect on their conversations at The Staley School:

The 4th ISL Summit is co-hosted by Cornell University, Duke University, Kansas State University, Northwestern University, The University of Notre Dame, and Washington University in St. Louis. The Summit is dedicated to the theme of advancing global learning and cooperative development at home and abroad.

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