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  • sandra Koch

    We work in the slums of cite soleil, Haiti and needs help repairing ROOFS so when it rains the families will not have to live in 2″ of water until there dark, damp houses dry out. What can we do together.

  • Christine North

    Adam Ruins Everything is a TruTV show and this particular episode is all about a wide variety of myths about giving and why things like canned food drives, TOMS shoes and one-for-one giving, and blood drives at the time of crisis are not effective ways of doing aid. I’d be curious about other people’s thoughts about this program as a way to help get college students thinking about these issues.

  • FLBeliever

    Feel free to add my dissertation information to your bibliography on intercultural sensitivity.

    Wicinski, Melanie Lynne, “The Development and Initial Validation of an Instrument Measuring the Cognitive Domain of Intercultural Maturity” (2014). Graduate Theses and Dissertations.