Framing the Photo Contest: Use of Images of Children in the Media

In today’s technology-rich world, the use of images of children has become a matter of particular urgency. Issues such as informed consent, potential risks, and exploitation must be carefully considered by individuals as well as NGOs. In anticipation of our upcoming photo contest, we are sharing the Child Rights International Network’s Code of Conduct to “assist practitioners in their efforts to communicate their organisation’s programmes and values in a coherent and balanced way.” The network recognizes the important power and potential of thoughtful media, and offers insightful principles for practice, including:

  • Choose images and related messages based on values of respect equality, solidarity and justice;
  • Truthfully represent any image or depicted situation both in its immediate and in its wider context so as to improve public understanding of the realities and complexities of development;
  • Avoid images and messages that potentially stereotype, sensationalise or discriminate against people, situations or places;
  • and much more.

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