Hartman Reflections: Inclusive Leadership Fall 2014

I now have the distinct pleasure of serving in a tenure-track position at Kansas State University’s Staley School of Leadership Studies. The combination of this engaging employment, along with a desire to ocassionally share some reflections on my students’ work and my teaching practice, has led me to develop a personal page here.

The work of inclusive leadership was the topic of a class I taught this fall.

It was my first journey with this class, and one thing I added was a request for students to develop applied inclusive leadership projects during the term – to advance inclusion on campus or in the community. Overall, I’m pretty happy with what the students did. Their efforts and outputs range from asking meddlesome questions and calling attention to underserved groups to planning and executing events that provide strategies to advance inclusion. There’s more to say about how this was designed and structured, along with ways that it could be improved, but for the moment I just wanted to collect and share their outputs all in one place.

From the Fall 2014 LEAD 350: Culture and Context class –

A gender-inclusion initiative that focused on bystander intervention:

A myth-busting approach to inclusion of international students

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An effort to connect athletes and non-athletes for a more inclusive, integrated campus:

Activities to bridge the Greek / Non-Greek gap and celebrate the whole K-State family:

A project designed to advance information access and inclusion in respect to transfer students (Click through).

An initiative designed to raise understanding and acceptance in respect to the LGBTQ community on campus:

An effort to increase support for and understanding of students with children (Click link).