Updates from globalsl.org: Advancing Human Rights and Peace in the New Era

By Eric Hartman, Co-founder & Outgoing Editor, and Nora Pillard Reynolds, Incoming Editor

As you know, globalsl.org was born from a desire to support campuses and communities in partnerships that build more just, more sustainable, and more inclusive communities. With the election of President Trump in the United States, the national and global landscape relating to international exchange, inclusive community development, and higher education has dramatically changed. Our work together is more important than ever.

We write with some brief updates, share some of our thinking, and invite your ideas and commitment.

Our Core Work Continues
We have finished a third year of global learning assessment through the global engagement survey, demonstrating again that different institutional cultures and program choices have important effects on the extent to which students walk forward from global learning experiences with enhanced capacities to cooperate across cultures, engage challenging social issues and civic questions, and reflect critically. Summary of that most recent work appears on the globalsl blog here. Following an exciting opportunity for Eric Hartman to move into the Executive Director role at Haverford College’s Center for Peace and Global Citizenship (CPGC), we are again updating the blog regularly, as CPGC Fellow for Ethical Global Learning Nora Reynolds moves into the globalsl editor position and Eric steps onto the oversight committee.The core activities of knowledge mobilization, community of practice development, multi-institutional research – supporting collaborative development and global learning – again continue and advance. Several individuals and organizations have shared upcoming conference information with us. We continue to collect and share that information under the gatherings tab on our home page.

Please Save the Date – April 15-17, 2018
We are excited to cooperate with the University of Notre Dame on the 5th Global Service-Learning Summit. Planning conversations promise an invigorating and exciting gathering.

Thinking Together: Responding to Our Historical Moment 
We know the current moment challenges us to take new steps forward. We are working to do that as individuals, institutionally, and through this network. We have been collecting resources and ideas and look forward to sharing them with you. We also solicit your ideas and experiences – how do campus-community partnerships best respond to this moment? We believe part of the answer is continuing our core activities, but we know there is more to identify and do. It is clearly time to stretch for peace, inclusion, community, social justice, human rights, environmental preservation, and quite simply core democratic principles. Some of you have shared pieces of your responses on globalsl:

Send us Your Insights and Join the Conversation
We know you’re already responding to this moment, and we know you’re building on the best practices you’ve been engaging for decades (as exemplified in recent contributions from Amanda Moore McBride and Eric Mlyn, Richard Slimbach, The Consortium of Universities for Global Health, and others). Through our website and social media we aim to continuously highlight the programs that push the leading edge of possibility on community-campus contributions. Please share summaries of your programs, reflective essays that could be blog posts, and materials, syllabi, or links that you’ve found inspiring or important in the present moment. Thank you. Additionally, please be sure that you’re engaging us on Facebook and Twitter if you’re online there.

Finally, we will be hosting community of practice webinars during the coming academic year. If you love this site and this community but your organization or institution is not a member, now is the time to join. Please see membership information here and let us know if you have any questions.

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