Facilitating Reflection

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Reflection is central to service-learning done well. It advances intercultural understanding and cross-cultural communication skills. It is the key component in deliberately fostering a global perspective. It is, in short, the foundation for learning deeply about self, others, values, and academic content. Reflective activities specific to individual areas are found elsewhere within the wiki (intercultural understanding, global citizenship, community-driven service). Below are materials helpful for considering reflection itself.


  1. Campus Compact’s Comprehensive Guide, Using Structured Reflection to Enhance Learning from Service 
  2. A brief guide to facilitating reflection that is specifically geared to immersion experiences such as study abroad or alternative spring breaks. The guide includes an example process for facilitating discussion on Pico Iyer’s “Why We Travel.
  3. Research articles on reflection in global service-learning also feature many best practice insights.
  4. Health and safety – tool for pre-departure reflection discussions: Richard Slimbach, Professor, Department of Global Studies, Sociology, and TESOL at Azusa Pacific University, shares some thoughts on health and safety during travel abroad. Here Richard provides some ideas on ways to reduce risk, common cons, and how to respond to beggars. These ideas and examples can be used in pre-departure training to start discussion with students. But as Richard reminds us, “statistically, global learning in difficult places, whether domestic or abroad, is surprisingly safe.”