Global Citizenship and Civic Engagement

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Numerous philosophical, political, and sociological texts have broached the topic of global citizenship, along with increasing amounts of research and writing within GSL, but provocative articles for generalist GSL participants remain less common.

  1. In Becoming More Human; Building a Better World Eric Hartman expresses the humble yet optimistic approach to global engagement that characterizes much of the work of the current generation. Alternatively (and as a provocative contrast):
  2. Tayla Zemach-Bersin argues in The Chronicle of Higher Education that American Students abroad Can’t be ‘Global Citizens’.
  3. On a broader level, Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Case for Contamination in the New York Times Magazine offers a nuanced philosophical defense of some minimum equal treatment for all persons
  4. Each of the above articles may be considered before or after completing a What is Global Service? activity. That activity may be adjusted (providing different examples for consideration, perhaps more relevant to the specific GSL experience) for each course or program. You can download a Word version here if you wish to add or adapt for a specific context or experience.